Constructed Identities: Unique Exhibition of Disability Art to open at the Canada Council for the Arts

The Canada Council for the Arts is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibition – Constructed Identities – featuring the unique work of disabled artist Persimmon Blackbridge. Curated by Tangled Art + Disability, Constructed Identities is the first exhibition in the Âjagemô gallery that puts disability art at the heart of the presentation.

Constructed Identities marked the inaugural exhibit of Tangled Art + Disability in their new gallery space in Toronto; a groundbreaking moment for Tangled as an organization committed to cultivating Deaf, Mad and disability arts in Canada. Since then, this distinct display of Persimmon Blackbridge’s hand-crafted figures has toured around the country, landing in Ottawa for its premiere at Âjagemô.

CONSTRUCTED IDENTITIES by Persimmon Blackbridge

Exhibition Dates: January 24, 2018 to June 3, 2018 – 7am to 9pm – Free admission
Exhibition Opening: January 23, 2018 at 5:30pm to 7pm – A public opening reception will be held immediately following the Canada Council for the Arts Annual Public Meeting.
Location: Âjagemô 150 Elgin St, Ottawa

“The Canada Council for the Arts is committed to strengthening our support for the arts community by fostering a culture of participation, inclusion, and diversity. We are honoured to work with Tangled Art + Disability on this beautiful exhibition which contributes to a dialogue and celebration of difference.” – Tara Lapointe, Director of Outreach and Business Development, Canada Council for the Arts

“It has been a pleasure to once again share the unique artistry of Persimmon Blackbridge with a new audience. We welcome the vibrant conversations that will emerge from Constructed Identities’ exhibition at Canada Council for the Arts surrounding disability aesthetics and culture; affirming Tangled’s intent to boldly redefine how the world experiences art and those who create it.” – Barak adé Soleil, Artistic Director and Curator of Tangled Art + Disability

About the Exhibition
Constructed Identities features a large collection of small hand-crafted figures made from wood, metal, and found objects. Persimmon Blackbridge reshapes the meaning and aesthetics of disability as disruptive and satisfying. The figures reflect how disability and bodily difference, as well as race and gender difference, are essential to the aesthetics of the evolving human form. This accessible exhibition includes a tactile piece of art, ASL and LSQ vlogs, audio description, and works hung at a lower level in order to provide an experience inclusive of blind, low vision, Deaf, and disability communities.

About the Artist
From British Columbia, sculptor, writer, curator and performer Persimmon Blackbridge’s art has been shown across Canada, the United States and internationally.


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