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The Art Bank’s Summer Student finds Inspiration in the Collection

This summer I joined the Canada Council Art Bank as their summer student, and was tasked with updating digital images of over 1000 artworks from the collection. Having just completed my first year in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Mount Allison University, this job furthered my awareness of artists working in Canada and inspired me to try new approaches in my own creative work.

In particular, some of the artists in the Art Bank collection I think you should check out include:

• Annie Kilabuk
• Marianne Nicolson
• Michael Belmore
• Eliza Griffiths
• Kelly Palmer
• Rafael Goldchain

In particular, three works in the Art Bank collection stood out to me:

Donald Reichert’s Untitled # 2 (1971-72): With his work, Reichert achieves an almost watercolour like appearance with acrylic, something I have attempted before but never achieved.
Kelly Palmer’s Toward North (2003): In this piece, Palmer brightens a dark and stormy day with a flash of colour. It reminds me of how powerful colour is and how it can strengthen a composition when used in the right way.
Mary Pratt’s Pears on a Green Glass Plate (1998): Mary Pratt is someone I look up to as an artist. She was a true master—not only in painting, but also printmaking. The way the colours blend together and how she builds the composition is incredible.

Donald Reichert, Untitled #2 (1971-72)

Kelly Palmer, Toward North (2003)

Mary Pratt, Pears on a Green Glass Plate (1998)

In addition to exploring the Art Bank collection this summer, I also learned about framing, conservation, and the handling of works. I look forward to drawing on everything I’ve learned in my studies this year and beyond.


About the Author: Megan Glauser

Megan Glauser just completed her first year in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Megan worked as a summer student at the Art Bank updating digital images of over 1000 artworks.

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